Shocking, just shocking

This seems to be the claim concerning the Miss Venezuela contest, that good looking women have been using sex, or perhaps sexual wiles, to advantage themselves. This is of course an immense shock to all who have never met any actual human beings. Beauty is something of a rare thing. Changeable too – what we regard as a stunner might not be what our forefathers did – over time and place but still, it is a rarity. Those who have it go to the front of every queue as any casual observation of the teeming masses around us will confirm:

The Miss Venezuela beauty pageant was suspended and an internal investigation launched after its contestants accused each other of receiving money from businessmen and government officials in exchange for sexual favours.

A formal investigation was launched by organisers following a vitriolic social media spat that saw former participants accusing each other of inappropriate behavior.

In a confused flurry of social media posts this month, a group of ex-participants insinuated that other contestants had sought to enrich themselves through romantic relationships with corrupt businessmen and officials.

We are all shocked, shocked, that gambling is going on in this establishment. Female beauty confers power over men. Beautiful women have been using that power. It’s just a confrontation with what we know about the world, isn’t it? We’ve never even thought, let alone seen, that the richer the bloke the better looking his arm candy now, have we? Silvio’s dancing girls were all right munters.


No, of course this doesn’t mean that all beauty contestants are simply out for a man’s arm to hang off and they’re not too choosy whose as long as it’s attached to a thick wallet. But it is to say that we expect those who win such competitions to have a rather better pick of arms than those who don’t. Who would possibly think otherwise, or at least who among those who have met humans would?

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  1. The contestants aren’t doing it to get a man. They’re doing it for the money. Which means independence from men, or that they can downgrade from rich men to nice, handsome men.

    The top Hollywood actresses are generally married to moderately successful men.

  2. I call the quote from “Miss Congeniality”, myself…

    Stan Fields: What is the one most important thing our society needs?
    Gracie Hart: That would be harsher punishment for parole violators, Stan.
    [crowd is silent]
    Gracie Hart: And… world peace!
    [crowd cheers ecstatically]

  3. Gamecock, it is a jungle out there, and we are all either predators. I would prey by providing the illusion of a comfortable life, despite my character defects, which the prey would already have decided she is going to change….

    Venezuela has become a place where political power is paramount, conferring the right to padlock a toy store and give away its merchandise at Christmas, to steal the wealth right out of people’s pockets by a series of currency frauds, and to plant soldiers in grade schools to propagandize. It is no surprise that the men in charge want sexual favors, that they use political power to get them, and that pageant contestants do what they can do to escape the poverty overwhelming that nation. Likewise anywhere else there is impunity (Washington, Hollywood (despite hashtags), and UN agencies).