Hold a UK Referendum on Gary Linekers Salary (AKA: BBC TV TAX)


Gary Lineker is paid £1.75 million by the BBC. The BBC licence fee, a tax, is £150 a year.That’s about the same number of licence fees as there are people in Henley on Thames just to pay Lineker and his suggestions for a second referendum.

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  1. Bringing Gary Lineker into it trivialises the issue. 170,000 people a year are given criminal records for non-payment of the license fee, of which 70% are women (source: the Perry Review for the DCMS 2015). So over 100,000 women a year, overwhelmingly already struggling financially, have their earnings prospects impaired by a criminal conviction when they may have no wish to watch the BBC in the first place.

  2. It is not surprising that, if we must decide as a Community, as a herd, then each individual will get for his (involuntary) payment things he disapproves of. Yanks who regard abortion as murder continue to have their earnings skimmed off to pay for it, and the mostly anti-abortion party can do nothing about it except tuck references to “unborn persons” into statute. Don’t sign a petition! question the assumptions, that a nation must walk with both ankles lashed to someone else’s! The concept of “British broadcasting” (to be done by a corporation) is absurd!

  3. The Telly Tax (since the OECD recognizes it as a tax) aka “TV License” does at least have the advantage of avoidance in that I can refuse to watch TV as it is broadcast or use the BBC’s iPlayer service and in so doing I have no need of a “TV License”.

    I will of course be harassed with letters and visits from “TV Licensing” (a trade name of the BBC to prevent harassment of non-license payers contaminating the BBC brand), which is really just Crapita agents with different coats and badges. This I obviously dislike, but I put up with as the letters are easily identifiable (and indeed some genuine non-license payers collect them) and the TV License Goons can’t get past the electronic building entrance.

    Having said all of that the License Fee is a 1930’s solution to a 1930’s problem and should have been dumped decades ago as other countries have done. However, the BBC knows full well that it couldn’t generate the > £5 billion in revenue each year from advertising or subscription fees alone, so until there is a campaign of mass resistance or a recognition by the Tories that the BBC License Fee is giving “aid and comfort to the enemy”, I can’t see any likelihood of change any time soon.

    • The Licence Fee is dying on its arse. I don’t know anyone under 30 (and a diminishing number under 40) who watches live ‘free to air’ TV (maybe they see some sports events at the pub, but that’s it). In 20 years the number of people paying the telly tax will have reduced to the point where the bureaucracy to collect it will cost more than the money it raises.


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