Tough thing to win, this.

As someone who was part of an insurgent British political party, one that never did win a Westminster seat directly and from a standing start, this strikes me as being complete damn genius. We did actually win of course, we got Brexit which was the point all along which is more than what I think these Noobs will manage, but still. The intelligence, creativity, here is simply stunning:

Franks, who co-founded Redbus Film Distribution and has since set up a charitable foundation, is the de facto leader of the new movement. What is said to unite those involved is a frustration with current party politics and the short-termism of professional politicians.

The group is said to have drawn up policy documents. Part of its attempt to break the traditional mould of politics would see all potential candidates asked to sign strict term limits, to stop the current practice that sees MPs in safe seats remain in post for decades.

We’ll make sure politicians think long term by insisting they’re pensioned off and gone before the long term effects of their policies are known.

Yep, that’ll do it, pure bleedin’ genius. Why didn’t we think of that?

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  1. Is there any evidence that MPs in safe seats think long term? They still have to toe the party ,ine and presumably want to their party to form the next government so their incentives are stil aligned with their less fortunate colleagues who have to work to keep their seats.

    If anything forcing term limits might allow them to think longer term, but those term limits have to be for parliament and not just representing the safe seat, otherwise the system will be gamed.

  2. Why is the Discus now? Anyway the thing about MPs (congressmen, senators, MEPs, coucillors, whatever) is that it takes a while to get used to arcane rules, establish an identity, be recognised, get on committees etc. Meaning short terms will be unproductive. OTOH they will learn to conform to the culture, knuckle under to the party, go along to get along and find out where the pecuniary opportunities come from so they can leave rich ( and they always do ). So long terms are out too. Rhoda’s opinion: This guy is addressing the wrong problem. And proposing the Turkeys will vote for Winterfest.

  3. Term limits are compltete and utter madness.

    So, you spend 18 years slogging away, trying to kick out the government and take over, and then just as it’s within grasp, Term Limits comes alongs and says FUCK OFF!

    Yeah, wonderful.

  4. It is amazing that a large number of voters who are dissatisfied with the state of their governance can be stampeded into a change that limits their own options! Term limits is one more crackdown on the innocent. Pursuing personal self-interest (such as permanent tenure) rather than the stated job description is an inherent problem with politics (to which the solution is to limit the power of the political sector).