Brexit Project Fear – Britain Will Run Out Of Drinking Water In Days


We’ve another little addition to Project Fear here – apparently Britain will run out of drinking water within days of Brexit. For the chemicals used to clean and purify water are imported. Thus, given that Britain will be entirely cut off from the world once we leave that European embrace we all die and Aiee!

Or something:

Leaked doomsday plans have warned Britain could run out of clean drinking water within days of a no-deal Brexit.

The shock warning was contained in Whitehall’s contingency plan Operation Yellowhammer – and reportedly convinced Michael Gove to back the deal.

Suppliers add chemicals including fluorosilicic acid, aluminium sulphate, calcium hydroxide and sodium silicofluoride to make water safe to drink.

But those are timed to arrive ‘just in time’ and cannot be stockpiled as they are too volatile.

Drivel. Something that’s too volatile to stockpile? That’s something that’s rather difficult to transport then, isn’t it? But rather more than that, why would being in control of what we import and from whom mean a shortage of something imported?

Whitehall disaster planners have warned Ministers that leaving the EU without a deal could spark a national crisis as crucial chemicals used in water purification are imported to the UK from Europe.

The deliveries risk getting caught in weeks of border chaos if Britain quits the EU next March without the Prime Minister’s deal with Brussels being approved by MPs.

Sigh. This is to assume that there’s no one in the country with a brain. Sure, obviously, that’s true in politics but out here in the real world people do tend to use them. So, we have things being imported. We have things being imported in a just in time manner. Great, so, customs and haulage handlers prioritise those things which need to be prioritised. The problem with this is?

Hasn’t anyone even bothered to go talk to the people at Felixstowe? Well, no, obviously not, for the aim is to stoke Project Fear, isn’t it, rather than to tell us anything useful or even true about the future.