But We Want To Screw The British Farmers With Brexit


The Guardian treats us to a complaint about Brexit. That if we go to free trade then that will mean screwing the British farmer. Good, that’s what we want to do, screw the British farmer. That’s one of the points of having Brexit:

All this plays to my very real fear that we will be sold out as the British government desperately seeks trade deals with anyone who will have us. I believe they would happily open up our highly regulated food sector to all-comers if they’ll buy our financial services. Selling out British farming could end up being the legacy of Brexit. My fear is that free-trading ministers, who are frustrated by what they dismiss as the “red tape” of the EU, could sacrifice rural Britain in a heartbeat if it meant a trade deal with the US. We cannot let that happen. Instead of discussing just how many billions of pounds will be needed to mitigate the effects of a no-deal Brexit, politicians should be discussing their vision of what the future of British farming and food production looks like. We need to be thinking further than just 31 October.

There are some 30,000 farmers in the UK. And there are 65 million or so food consumers. Free trade would mean benefits for said consumers and would entirely screw those farmers. Good, let’s have free trade and screw the farmers.

No, spouting about how people want those higher food standards doesn’t work. For those who do want them will continue to buy that higher priced food. We’ll see how many people actually do want it by looking at how many British farmers stay in business after we’ve got free trade.

Entirely shafting the British farmer isn’t a problem with Brexit, it’s the point.

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