EU To End Daylight Savings Time – 0.02% Of Britons Voted Or Consulted


It’s entirely possible to argue that this really isn’t the way to run a continent. The European Union is advancing plans to fix daylight savings time in place. Instead of changing the clocks to + 1 in summer we’ll just stay on + 1 year round. You know, all of Europe, by dictat.

The European Union said on Friday it would propose a legal change that would end the ritual of switching between summer and winter time, leaving it up to governments across the bloc to agree on whether to permanently use summer time or winter time.

So, why’s that?

European Union citizens care a hell of a lot about daylight saving time. In the largest survey ever conducted by the European Commission, 80% of around 4.6 million respondents said they favor abolishing the finicky practice of changing the clocks in summer and winter.

I’m pretty interested in politics and the EU and this is the first I’d ever heard of this “massive” consultation. Possibly that explains the numbers – that’s less than 1% of the population of the EU. As we also find out:

By far the biggest response was in Germany and Austria (3.79% and 2.94% of the national population respectively). The UK’s response was lowest – 0.02% – but few Italians took part either (0.04%).

Oh, right. So when we told people during that little mid century unpleasantness that we’d prefer not to be ruled by German socialists they din’t quite hear the answer then, is that it? Or ruled by the German and Austrian might combined perhaps?

As to the reason being given for the mooted change apparently all the stuff they’ve been telling us about fewer accidents with the change and all that, it’s rubbish. Rubbish they’ve been spouting all these decades to insist that we do change the clocks.

And we are still left with that amazing manner of running the entire continent, aren’t we? 0.02% of Britons were consulted, the lack of time change will be imposed upon 100% of Britons. Aren’t we all glad we’re leaving such a system?

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