Good Old Brexit – The EU Wants To Abolish Theatre Lighting


Most luvvies seem to be Remoaner types these days. Wonder if anyone’s told them what’s going to happen if we stay in, that near all the theatre lights in the country will have to be shut off. I imagine the reaction to that would be only one decibel lower than the screams if greasepaint were to be abolished. But this is what is on the cards:

Britain’s theatre industry is under threat as the European Union plans to ban energy-sapping lighting which could force venues to close.

In the last decade, EU energy-saving regulations have changed the bulbs we use in our homes, stopped the sale of high powered vacuum cleaners and now they could be about to alter what we see on stage.

Through the Eco-design Working Plan 2016-2019, the EU wants to force manufacturers to reduce power and increase efficiency in products using the same rules that apply to domestic, office and industrial lighting.

Campaigners are warning that abolishing an exemption which currently allows theatres to use energy-heavy tungsten bulbs could be creatively “disastrous” and force many smaller venues to close.

All of which is an interesting proof of two contentions. That continental manner of making rules for everything doesn’t in fact work. For who, when designing the allowable light bulb rules for 500 million people, would be able to think of what happens to AmDram in Radstock? A useful little proof of why economists so like Pigou Taxes instead of regulation – jam one crowbar into the price system then let the market do the calculating for you.

The second is that the original justification for the ban on certain types of lightbulbs must clearly have been a lie. For we were told a decade back that the new ones, CFLs and then LEDs, would be much cheaper. Over the total acquisition and use costs. Theatres are commercial organisations even if many are non-profit. They would have changed if this were true. A law forcing them to change shows they haven’t, doesn’t it? Therefore that initial claim isn’t true either, is it?

The major problem with the EU is that it’s just not the way to run a continent.

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