Owen Jones – Brexit Isn’t Important, So Let’s Have An Election To Solve Brexit


There might be perversions of logic in which this latest from Owen Jones makes sense but the formulation that Brexit’s not that important therefore the impasse on Brexit shows we must have an election to resolve Brexit doesn’t really work in anything more usefully logical.

Yet that’s what he is arguing. Here:

But one thing is clear, and it is the first sensible thing May has uttered in her calamitous premiership. “I fear we are reaching the end of the process in this House,” she declared after her loss. In practice, this must mean a general election beckons. Those poor suckers on the Conservative benches are marching straight back into an electoral contest. Will there even be time for the captain to abandon ship? May must hope that it will be the election she craved in 2017, in which the battle lines are over Brexit, and nothing else. This must not be allowed. After David Cameron showed himself to be the worst prime minister since the 18th century, and May responded with “Hold my beer,” she spoke eloquently – passionately, even – of the “burning injustices” that had led to Brexit. But we cannot have an election contest simply about the customs union and access to the single market. It must also be about stagnating wages, the lack of secure jobs, surging child poverty, public services in turmoil and the housing crisis. This prime minister didn’t snuff out the burning injustices after all: she manically doused them with petrol.

D’ye see that lovely spin there? The reason we must have an election is because Brexit show that they can’t govern. Reasonable enough perhaps, given that the nation itself is so split on the issue. But the election to solve this paralysis mustn’t be about what’s causing the paralysis. Oh no. Because, reasons.

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