Tactical Remain Voting At A Brexit General Election – Bring It On Quite Frankly


The People’s Vote Campaign – as vile a collection of Remoaners as the country contains – are recommending that Remoaners vote tactically at any general election called to sort out this Brexit controversy. The correct answer to this being Bring It On.

For the more people calling for tactical voting the more tactical voting there will be. And Leave is, as we know, the preference of that plurality of the electorate and that majority of those who bothered to vote when asked directly on the point. Thus we should expect tactical voting to give us a Leave majority in the House of Commons.

As, for example, would a TBP and Tory agreement to encourage tactical voting through a stand down agreement have won Brecon. As such might well win a rather large number of those Northern seats where Labour traditionally weighs the votes.

So, yes, why not do this?

The campaign leading the push for a second EU referendum has drawn up a hit list of 100 marginal seats in which it will tell Remain supporters to vote tactically at an early general election. The aim is to boost the number of MPs who favour putting the Brexit issue back to the people. The People’s Vote campaign is planning to blitz marginals across England, Scotland and Wales before a widely expected early poll, urging Remainers to ditch their traditional party loyalties where necessary in order to help install pro-referendum MPs or defeat MPs or candidates who oppose a second public vote. Supporters of another referendum believe that if they can boost the number of MPs who support putting the issue back to the people, they can then win a Commons vote to trigger a second vote and reverse Brexit.

The thing being it’s not possible to tell the country to vote tactically and the country only vote tactically the one way. The message has to be general – for of course no one does know who the Remain and Leave voters actually are, communications must cover both of them – and thus the message will be, err, general. Thus Leave will benefit from this advice just as much as Remain will.

So, yes, let us lance this boil. Let us have that decision done and dusted. And why the hell not have a general election where the question is, well, should the will of the people be enacted or should the nomenklatura continue to have their cushy EU gravy train? The British answer to this question will surprise rather a lot of said nomenklatura for Chesterton was right you know. And perhaps it’s about time we did speak.

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