The EU’s New Car Laws Will Kill People – Thank The Lord We’re Leaving, Well, Maybe We Are


From our Special Correspondent, Lincoln Swann:

More invasive and expensive legislation from the EU

All new cars to be fitted with speed control and breathalysers from 2022

This is pretty much a model for what the EU does, centralises control and makes life harder and more expensive for its citizens whilst sounding virtuous.

EU legislation passed Tues 26 March 2019 calls for new cars from 2022 to be fitted with breathalysers to prevent drink driving. Also required are speed monitoring and warning devices which review road signs and road databases and warn when speed limits are exceeded.

Rather than making the law and giving citizens individual responsibility for their actions the EU would prefer to make it impossible to break the law.

Car breathalysers – the average motorist makes 10 journeys a week, stopping to puff every time will add 30 seconds, so the average driver will be puffing away for 4 ½ hours a year. The act of puffing would use up 200 complete lifetimes worth of UK driver time every year.

About 150 people are killed in the UK each year where drunk driving was a factor. So the new laws will use up 200 lifetimes of time a year to save some proportion of 150 already part used lives.

Politics being the art of trading lives, this is very bad politics. Or to put it another way – EU new law adding breathalysers to cars likely to cost over 100 UK lives a year.

It will also cost new car buyers roughly £1bn a year, so it’s expensive. The poor will be hit disproportionately more than the rich, as imposed fixed costs do. Like a lot of EU rules it will favour large car manufacturers over smaller ones or new entrants. It also opens up the thought that the EU will have a track of where every car has been. Big brother will be watching you. Classic EU stuff really.

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