The More Difficult Brexit Is The Greater The Necessity Of Leaving


Today’s worry about Brexit is that the Food Standards Agency isn’t going to be ready in time. Well, OK, sorta doubt that every manufacturer is going to start adding listeria to the food supply once Jean-Claude Juncker isn’t in charge. But the more we get these complaints about how this bit, or that part, of the governing apparatus needs to change in order to cope with Brexit the greater the need to leave:

The UK’s food safety body and local authorities are struggling to prepare for Brexit as they battle with other challenges such as climate change, population growth, crop disease and fraud, according to Whitehall’s spending watchdog. The National Audit Office (NAO) said the Food Standards Agency must bring in new laws on imported products after leaving the EU. This may not be possible in the near term owing to delays in the parliamentary programme, it said.

The more difficult it is to leave the more it is brought home to us how much the European Union was the government of this country. And thus, ineluctably, how much more important it is to leave while we still can.

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