Theresa May Takes On The EU In A Spitfire – Tally Ho Chaps!


That this is the BBC just getting things wrong is obviously true for it has Theresa May – you know, the simulacrum of a human being we’ve got as Prime Minster these days – taking on Brussels in a Spitfire. Certainly, they showed film which purported being her going to negotiate with them which was of a Spitfire in WWII years flying around.

So far so fun of course except there is indeed that deeper meaning to be gained from this:

The deeper meaning being that a good half of the country – perhaps that 52% last time we properly measured this – would be whooping with joy if only she had done this. There being little that 12 cylinders of Merlin and some .303 that wouldn’t get our point across to the continentals. Not that I’m biased or anything, given that gramps worked on the test programs for Seafire and Spitfire, oh no.

Yes, a blooper, of course it is, but there’s often a truth in the mistakes we make.

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