Hull Isn’t The UK’s Largest Onshore Gas Field – Nothing Like


To continue a theme, if only today’s journalists had a bit of bottom, actually had some experience of the outside world. In this case, the idea that a rather minor find near Hull is the UK’s largest gas field since whenever is just nonsense:

A trio of energy companies have struck gold after discovering what could potentially be the country’s largest onshore gas field near Hull. Reabold Resources, Union Jack Oil and Rathlin Energy said initial analysis of a well drilled in the ground in West Newton, just a few miles north east of Hull, indicated the site could house some 189bn cubic feet of gas – roughly enough energy to power 3.4 million homes for an entire year. If correct, it would dwarf the UK’s biggest onshore gas field at Saltfleetby in Lincolnshire, which was home to 73 billion cubic feet. It would be the biggest land-based hydrocarbon discovery in the UK since 1973.

Just gargle, wibble. The Bowland Shale being explored by Cuadrilla and others is vastly, hugely, larger. And just because it’s in shale doesn’t mean it’s not a gas field nor a gas find.

Hasn’t the Telegraph noticed all those Swampies shouting about this? The rules on drilling after earthquakes and all that?

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