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James Stunt is someone who rather mystifies us. Well, in one respect and one only. We’re of the opinion that he’s an uncouth lout and if we’d ever met him we’d be rude about him. His flaunting of the dosh is uncouth even by Russian standards and managing to be nyekulturni is an achievement given what those standards are.

He’s currently claiming that he married down:

He described Miss Ecclestone as ‘the best girl I ever met’, but said she is now like ‘this girl who’s had a lobotomy and gone to Jonestown. This is a horrible human being.’

Despite Mr Ecclestone calling him an ‘idiot’, Mr Stunt said he had no hard feelings towards the tycoon.

He said: ‘I have no animosity towards him – he’s just very cut-throat, he has no empathy.’

Referring to his collection of supercars he boasted before he got married, he said: ‘I’ve been doing that since I was 19. And then I marry a C-list celebrity.’

Marrying one of the two great heiresses of your time is not marrying down.

So, OK, we’re sure about pretty much everything to do with Stunt then. Except, except, the money.

There’s a very definite feeling to us that he’s a poor man’s idea of what a rich man is. Not just the cars, the burglary shrugged off without insurance and so on. But there’s that business – the latest we saw was that he had a gold bullion dealing company. That’s the sort of thing that the financially unaware would think produces great wealth – gold, see? It’s not, it’s a hugely competitive business, very fine and thin margins on a commodity. The business does also run at a loss.

Which is where our problem is, we can’t work out where the money has come from. Something we share with his ex-father in law, Bernie Ecclestone in fact. The stories of gambling wins, running a gambling business sometimes makes an appearance, art dealing – well, no, we’re not inclined to believe them. We’re terribly tempted to believe that it’s the result of marrying one of the two great heiresses of his generation but there’s no way that could be true at all.

So we’ll stick with our first opinion, that we’re only not sure about James Stunt in just the one respect.