Landing A Plane On Mont Blanc – But Which Law Has Been Broken?


A fun little illustration of why the fully planned and regulated society doesn’t in fact work. Because the bureaucrats doing the planning and regulation simply aren’t able to think through all the things that humans might do:

Police pursue men who landed plane near Mont Blanc summit

Rather brings up an image of French versions of the Keystone Cops. Run the film at high – Benny Hill – speed of course, as we watch Les Flics totter up and down the mountainside.

Two Swiss mountaineers landed a small plane less than 400 metres from the summit of Mont Blanc on Tuesday before heading for the top of Europe’s tallest peak with police in pursuit, the French gendarme said.

Yes, in pursuit. Most Keystone. Just imagine the following in kepis.

Describing them as mountaineers also looks a little premature.

The pair landed the aircraft at 4,450 metres (14,600-feet) on the famous mountain in the French Alps in an incident described as a “provocation” by the mayor of the nearby Chamonix resort, Eric Fournier. “It constitutes an intolerable attack on the high mountain environment and on all existing protective measures,” Fournier said, describing the behaviour as “unprecedented”.

Well, yes, you’ve got all sorts of preventive measures and yet this is still unprecedented.

Lt-Col Bozon said they were reflecting on what offence had been committed.

And yet your couple of centuries – it’s only about that long that Europeans have really though about climbing mountains for sport – of thought about regulation and measures has entirely failed to forsee this event.

Which tells us that the planned and regulated society doesn’t work. Simply because the planners and regulators can’t think through all the things that humans will try to do. Sure, more normally we worry about the regulations stopping people from doing something beneficial but still, the point stands. As we can’t forsee all the things people will try to do we can’t plan nor regulate all the things people do.

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