Children Are So Easy To Lie To – Climate Change Strike


So, yesterday was that climate change strike by the little kiddies and some 1,000 of them descended upon Parliament Square to have a little shout. Shrill voices raised in anger having such a great effect upon politics as Hillary found out and as Liz Warren will.

The problem here being that they’ve been lied to. About which the Good Book has some words of advice about millstones and waters. For what is the actual demand?

‘It is our future’: children call time on climate inaction in UK

Umm, what inaction is that? We’ve been shoveling the cash at solar panels, windmills, biomass and all the rest for a couple of decades now. You know, the problem identified is that we’ve got to find non-carbon dioxide emitting methods of power generation, or transport. So, that’s what we’re doing, driving this along about as fast as we can in fact propel a technological revolution.

“March now – or swim later”, “I’ve seen smarter cabinets in Ikea” and “denial is not a policy” read the banners, as chants for action on climate change grew and strengthened with the passing hours into a deafening roar. “What do we want? Climate action! When do we want it? Now!”

Back in the mid-1990s we added in the fuel duty escalator. The Stern Review said to beat climate change we needed an extra 11 p in a litre of fuel. We’ve added some 25 p. And yes, the escalator was “to meet our Rio commitments”.

We’ve already done what the settled science of climate change states needs to be done.

What sodding inaction?

“As students we don’t have the vote, and it is really unfair because this is going to impact on us the most. It is our future,” said Evie Baldwin, 15, from north London.

You don’t have the vote because you’re ignorant lassie.

In London, there were more than 1,000 in attendance by lunchtime. Among them was former Labour leader Ed Miliband with his nine-year-old son, Daniel. “I am here because it is our future, and we need to protect it,” said Daniel.

Miliboy? Didn’t he ram a Climate Change Act through Parliament?

What sodding inaction?

The actual truth of the matter is that we’re already doing a lot. Too much in fact. But then who expects logic to be a part of politics, eh?

Yes, quite so:

The school climate change strikes are inspiring – but they should shame us

Lying to children is something to be ashamed of, as is doing so to turn them into political pawns.

No, really:

Wind farm to cost taxpayer £500m a year

What sodding inaction?