Nurses Are Unobservant – Prostitution Is Already Legal In Britain


It’s amazing quite how bitter fights can become when people don’t actually understand what it is that they’re fighting over. Nurses – the Royal College of to be precise – have voted to lobby for prostitution to be decriminalised. The thing being that it is in fact already legal.

Nurses are calling for prostitution to be decriminalised, saying it is a matter of “fundamental human rights”. The Royal College of Nursing (RCN) is to start actively lobbying the Government to change the law following a vote at the union’s conference in Liverpool. Members said it would help protect women and give them more rights, saying prohibition only served to isolate vulnerable people.

Many of the things surrounding prostitution aren’t legal. Pimping, brothel keeping, soliciting, they’re all illegal. Arguably they should all be legal. I certainly so argue. But prostitution as prostitution? It’s legal and as far as I know always has been. At least it has always been in the modern age.

So, how can we call for the decriminalisation of something that is already legal?

But some nurses objected to the vote, saying that while they accepted decriminalisation could help women, it also risked legalising criminal pimps and brothel managers who exploited them.

But that’s exactly where we are now.

“Fancy a shag?”

“Yes Please”


“Fancy a shag?”

“That’ll be £50”

Are both equally legal transactions. Equally, if the answer is no and the act persists, if the money isn’t proffered and the act persists, both are rape. The pimping and the managing are both illegal.

It’s actually an interesting question. How can people be having such an argument when they know so little about the subject?

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