All A Bit Soviet, Stalinist – British Universities Must Favour The Social Ally Classes


One of the more interesting perversions of thought in the Soviet system was that it is entirely economic circumstances which maketh the man. Therefore criminals were not debauched, idiots, psycopaths or any such, merely victims of bourgeois society. When true socialism had given way to proper communism all such forms of crime would disappear. It is also true that the real criminals – the vory – were considered to be social allies of the socialists and communists. For weren’t they both against private property?

Yes, obviously, nutters.

However, large parts of the society worked on this very basis. Social origins to a large part determined what you were going to be allowed to do. A very fine bone structure, a distinct lack of callouses showing manual labour – in the early days they got you shot as an aristocrat. Later on Stalin insisted that the sins of the fathers be visited upon the children and the entire system always operated on the basis that anyone with proletarian forbears was to be favoured over those with bourgeois.

But then if you’re insistent that society operates only on the basis of class, that individuals don’t really exist in any meaningful manner, then this is the sort of idiocy you will get up to.

Yes, jut this sort of idiocy:

The university access watchdog says students’ backgrounds should be taken into account when awarding places, to improve “equality of opportunity”.

Or to make damn sure that there isn’t equality among individuals. Judge everyone by their social origins:

The new higher education watchdog, the Office for Students (OfS), is urging universities to pay more attention to socio-economic and school background, rather than just A-level grades, when deciding to award a place to a student.

If we don’t pay attention to social background then how can we reward the socially allied classes?

Universities are under increasing pressure from the Government to increase the number of students from deprived backgrounds.

Not so much government as the people who run the education system, rather a different grouping. And one that has more than its fair share of Marxist inspired lunacy about class and social origin of course.

Universities have been told to improve efforts to admit more students from poor backgrounds by lowering A-level offers for them.

The Office for Students said that institutions must be more “ambitious” in their use of so-called contextual admissions.

Contextual admissions. Well, yes. That is favouring the children of the working class, deliberately acting against those from the bourgeoisie, isn’t it? Except, of course, if the child is from that elite of the children of the educational bureaucracy, that nomenklatura.

You know, just as how half the Guardian were born to parents who worked at The Guardian. An amazing happenstance for an organisation hiring purely upon merit, isn’t it?