The RNLI And Political Correctness Gone Mad

One of the sadnesses of the modern world is that any and every organisation gets taken over by the prodnoses. This includes such august institutions as the Royal National Lifeboat Institution.

For non-Brits, a little explanation for this is a pretty mad idea. The lifeboats aren’t run by the government. Indeed, most lifeboat men aren’t paid either. It’s a charity, one of the best supported in the country in fact. The coxswain will be paid, normally at least, but the crew are simply local volunteers. And it’s entirely private, charitable, donations which build the boats, run the stations and so on. There was a time when government offered to provide funding, which was taken. Then rejected – for the service found that it lost more than £1 in donations for every £ taken from taxpayers. Yes, OK, it’s mad, but it works. We’re also very proud of it.

And so, two such volunteers have just been fired because they had coffee mugs with smutty pictures upon them.

Two RNLI lifeboat volunteers have been sacked in a row over pictures of naked women on mugs.

The men had given each other Secret Santa gifts including a mug which featured a photo of a nude woman with the face of one crewman superimposed on top.

A manager discovered the mugs in a cupboard at the base in Whitby, the Sun reported, and ordered the crew to destroy them.

And that’s it really. Two men with a proven willingness to risk their own lives in order to save those in peril upon the sea get fired over a mild bit of smut.

Initially they were told to remove the mugs and that they would not face any further action. However, they were then told they would have to go through a disciplinary hearing which involved looking through their WhatsApp messages.

They were then told they could no longer work at the station in Whitby because the mugs could have been found by schoolchildren, which posed a ‘safeguarding risk’, according to the Sun.

No, really, in this modern day with all and every kind of porn a click away on the internet schoolchildren must be protected from a bit of smut. Smut sitting at the bottom of a cupboard.

Whitby RNLI says it won’t tolerate bullying, harrassment, or discrimination, after the sacking of two of its volunteers.

We told you how three more have resigned since the incident, which involved the alleged production of what it calls sexually inappropriate material.


There are things it is important to worry about, like who rescue the 4 year old from drowning when the wind pushes her lilo out to sea, or who takes the crew off a sinking freighter in a North Sea gale. There are things it isn’t important to worry about like adults having a bit of a snigger. The unfortunate fact of the modern world is that all organisations, eventually, get colonised by the prodnoses who don’t know the difference.

Fie to the modern world and so much the worse for it. And who will join the march to bring Up Helly Ha a little further south, with a certain RNLI manager playing a starring role upon the burning deck?

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