Feminism used to be about completely repressed women challenging misogyny.

Then it was about partially-repressed women challenging chauvinism.

Today, feminism is about puritanical harpies characterising all men as misogynists.

They claim there is a conspiracy among men to prevent women from assuming their rightful position at the head of our society (the patriarchy), and yet strangely this patriarchy did not prevent slavery of men, nor did it prevent men giving their lives in their millions in various wars, nor did it cause women to be shoved into the icy water in 1912 as the Titanic went down. If the patriarchy is as powerful and misogynistic as these women claim, it’s rather a puzzle  that it has spent most of its time feeding men into the mincer.

In truth, women have been free to rise far and fast since Margaret Thatcher smashed the glass ceiling in 1979, and now enjoy positive discrimination in almost all walks of life.

The glass ceiling is largely now just an excuse for objectional women in the developed world (oh hi Hillary!) who cannot achieve their goals – it’s much easier to blame “institutional misogyny” than to admit your own unpleasant hectoring has made you unpopular even among the majority of your own gender.

A mere 7% of women now describe themselves as feminists.

And I suspect that’s simply because 93% of women don’t like to characterise all men as misogynists – they love and respect their husbands, fathers, sons and boyfriends.

Real women are shunning feminists today in the same way that real men shun misogynists.

But there’s good news – I’ve discovered one certain way to silence the puritanical harpies that today masquerade as feminists.

Ask them what they love most about men.

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Bernie G.
Bernie G.

Their money, of course. A physical presence when they need someone to defend them (though most I meet are twice my weight and can probably look after themselves). Someone to pay for dinner…to tell them their bum really doesn’t look big in a pair of jeans two sizes too small. Of course I’m joking. 95% of people pair up in a family unit and live a traditional life, sharing most everything (except housework and childcare) on an equal basis.


Answer – absolutely nothing. The whole theory of feminism is that men are intrinsically evil. My wife keeps telling me that I am not like other men but strangely when I meet other men they don’t say so.

I work with/train with/live with successful women, none of whom find me a problem – the only problems that I have had were with women who were demonstrably inferior at the job (in one case the local feminism advocate stepped n to defend me against totally unwarranted accusations).