Why Do Women Agree To Work For Less?


Because if they earn less than men in a free country, that’s the right question.

The answer to the question more commonly asked – “Why do employers pay women less?” is very simple:



You have to be as dumb as a climate change retard to not understand this really – employers will not pointlessly pay their employees more than they believe the employee wants to do the work.

What sensible entrepreneur ever thinks to herself “I know Debbie will be happy to be the office manager for £20,000, but why don’t I just pay her £25,000 anyway and not worry about what I could have spent that extra £5,000 on?”

No sensible entrepreneur ever, that’s who.

I’m not even sure I can comprehend the Leftie position on this, because it is so moronic as to defy analysis.

Their position appears to be “Business owners should not be responsible and pay each worker as little as possible for labour, or even generous and pay each worker a generous salary in the hope it will generate loyalty and harder work, but grossly irresponsible and just pay everyone the same regardless of effort, circumstance or demand.”

If Debbie wants £25,000 because she has a lengthy commute and has other offers, but Dave only wants £22,000 because he lives next door and really wants the company name on his cv, that’s doesn’t matter. Even if that’s the pay they ask for.

Pay them both the same.

This thinking is so superficial and retarded that no sensible human that has ever worked at a real job in the private sector can even comprehend it and its utter absurdity.

And of course that’s the problem right there – the people who dreamt up this s**t have never worked in the real world in their lives. They are all public sector workers, unable to imagine that somewhere outside the influence of the state, real people negotiate the price of their labour freely without the dreary recourse to equality legislation.

They are coccooned in a grey bubble and as they peer out through its walls, the world looks grey to them.

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