Great Prognostications Of Our Time – French Protests Aren’t About Tax


The inventor of Corbynomics, Richard Murphy, has told us that the French protests aren’t about tax. No, absolutely not, it’s not about tax in the slightest:

I have a concern. As Lichfield notes, France rioted 50 year’s ago and rising prosperity deflected the anger. Now no one thinks that will happen. All increases in prosperity go to a tiny handful in society. People are oppressed, and they know it. We need to be clear about the cause of the oppression. The superficial anger is in tax. I am well aware of it. But the cause is inability to make ends meet.

Well, if the government is taking 45% of everything then maybe ends can’t be met because of tax?

The Senior Lecturer at Islington Technical College continues:

The problem is not tax. But the answer is not to blame taxation.


Tax offices in a dozen French towns have been attacked by so-called yellow vest demonstrators before further protests in Paris expected tomorrow.

Oh, right, it’s definitely not about tax then.