The Vile Cost Of Neoliberalism


From the Mirrlees Review we get this chart. Showing the true and vile cost of neoliberalism:

As the Senior Lecturer tells us:

If you want an explanation of the consequence of neoliberalism that’s it: over the thirty years when it ran rampant the higher your income was the larger the increase in it was too.

Quite terrible that inequality increased.

Of course, we can view this another way. Neoliberalism led to the real incomes of 95% of the population rising by more than 50%. Not a bad recommendation for an economic system that.

Elephant curve

We can also, as above, look at neoliberalism on the global level. Sure, the rich do pretty well. As does near everyone else of course. The people who lose out are, roughly, those on about median incomes or below in the already rich countries. That is, the people who by global levels are already significantly rich. And they only lose relatively, not in absolute terms.

We should also note that globalised capitalism, that neoliberalism, was a global phenomenon. Thus to look for the costs or the benefits we should look at the global effects.

Neoliberalism, in Britain the peeps got richer. Globally the poor got rich. Such a strong criticism of a socioeconomic system really.

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