British Universities, State Schools And The Lake Wobegon Effect


Shocking figures out today from the Higher Education Statistical Authority today as we’re told that half of British universities are letting in more of those poor dullards from state schools. Quite why they’ve taken it upon themselves to pollute the learning environment by importing more of those children too stupid to be born into the right families is…..

Ah, no, that’s not it is it? Rather, half of British universities are managing to overcome the tenor and fashion of the times to not allow more chavs into hallowed halls of learning…

Oh, not that? Half of British universities are striving mightily and managing to achieve by admitting more of the historically oppressed who were forced to accept their educations at the hands of the state?

Not even that? No?

Russell Group university outreach programmes appear to have floundered as half admitted fewer state school students than the previous year. Durham, Exeter, Edinburgh, Warwick and Birmingham universities are among those where the proportion of state educated pupils has fallen, according to data published by Higher Education Statistical Agency (Hesa).

Remember folks, it’s only in Lake Wobegon where all children are above average. But then asking Hesa to know anything about statistics is being a bit tough isn’t it? It’s an offshoot of Britain’s state education system after all.