How German – Your Children Will Be Educated By The State, Not Homeschooled


The usual stereotype of Germany, where everything not forbidden is mandatory, is only a little overblown. After all the one great lesson of the social sciences is that all stereotypes are based upon at least a nugget of truth. However, this latest, that all children must be educated by the state with no exceptions does rather take that a little further than most countries think right.

All one family wanted to do was home educate their children. This would seem to be a reasonable enough idea, they are indeed the children of that family after all. The German authorities had other views up to and including taking the children into care when the insistence upon state education was not agreed to.

So, the family decided they’d go to the European court to see what they had to say about that legal right to a private family life. A right which doesn’t seem to extend very far really, as the court has now said that yes, the State is indeed allowed to take your children away if you do try to educate them yourself:

German parents whose four children were taken into care because they refused to send them to school did not have their human rights breached, the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) has ruled. Home education is banned in Germany but the Wunderlich family, from Darmstadt, who are Christian, wished to educate their children in this way. Their four children were taken into care for three weeks in 2013. Afterwards the parents took their case to the ECHR in Strasbourg, They claimed their right to respect for private and family life under Article 8 of the European Convention on Human Rights had been breached. But the court has now ruled that taking the children into care was justified.

So much for that privacy then.

It added that the “actual removal of the children did not last any longer than necessary in the children’s best interest, and was also not implemented in a way which was particularly harsh or exceptional.”

Super, eh? We are but playthings of the authorities instead of what we should be, those who hire said authorities to do society’s scut work on our behalf. And do note this is the court supposedly upholding human rights which has decided this way.