Attenborough Matildaing His Climate Change Credibility


Look. Climate Change is very probably happening, and we should take sensible action to be cleaner and more friendly to our planet. But Sir David Attenborough has been making high profile docudramas accusing Climate Change for all the worlds ills, regardless of their actual cause.

First on Netflix where his “Our Planet” show attributed Pacific Walrus cliff fall deaths at Ryrkaypiy to climate change. Since then it has emerged that in all probability the Walrus population being there was very normal, it being a bit of a regular holiday spot for them. It was a bit crowded as Walruses are having a bit of a baby boom recently. The cliff fall stampede that lead to the deaths may well have been caused by the polar bears that were hunting in the area, exacerbated by added fear of the drone they were using for ariel footage and by his camera crew blocking the safer southern descent.

Next in BBC’s “Climate Change – The Facts” (sic) we were treated with some carefully massaged statistics and forecasts and then a dying Flying Fox Bat population due to the 42C heat attributed to Climate Change. Such temperatures actually not that unusual for Australia where it is and always has been bast*rd hot. It’s been bast*rd hot there for hundreds and hundreds of years. It was not even close to the 48C highest recorded temperature from their pre industrial 19th century.

Like Matilda shouting “Fire! Fire!”, when he actually does get around to talking about some of the real genuine impacts we have had on our world, sadly David may well now not be believed.

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