Scotland’s Virtue Signalling – Landfill Ban Will Just Bury England


So Scotland has decided – or at least the porridge wogs who run the place have – that landfill will no longer be allowed north of the border. Hmm, OK, well, it’s their country, they’re the government, have at it. Except, of course, they’re not suggesting that they should also carry the cost, themselves, of the more expensive alternative methods of dealing with household waste. Instead it’s all going to be shipped south of the border – what virtue signalling, eh?

OBR: Scottish landfill ban will lead to £70 million tax boon for England

That’s an interesting way of putting it. There’s a landfill tax of – not accurate but about – £70 a tonne. So, the contention is that a million tonnes of Scottish rubbish will be shipped south to occupy the quarries of Cumbria. Not a bad way to deal with it all, truth be told.

A ban on household waste going to landfill in Scotland will see the SNP government losing £70 million of tax revenue annually to England after the rubbish is buried south of the Border, according to official forecasts. The Office for Budget Responsibility (OBR) said the vast majority of the waste buried in Scotland is expected to be diverted to “English incinerators and landfill sites” after the ban’s introduction.

That is, the Scottish landfill ban isn’t going to change the amount of landfill very much if at all. But the Scots get to insist that they don’t landfill anything among the shortbread vines and haggis trees.

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Virtue signalling much Nicola?