The Appalling Disaster Of The Keystone Pipeline Leak


They said that if the Keystone Pipeline was brought into use then there would be leaks imperilling the very environment of he United States. That oil should just stay in the ground up in Canada, better not to even drill it and certainly we shouldn’t try to move it. That’s what the cause celebre was, that buffalo could drown in the stuff, dolphins be coated and humanity’s very ability to survive affected.

And lo, it has come to pass:

Sections of both the Keystone pipeline and Enbridge Inc.’s Platte pipeline were closed as crews sought to find the source of the leak, which was discovered Wednesday in St. Charles County. “Following overnight activity and excavation, preliminary investigation has led TransCanada to believe that the oil discovered in St. Charles County likely originates from the Keystone Pipeline system and we will continue to conduct our activities accordingly,” TransCanada spokesman Terry Cunha said.

See, the hippies were right!

Except, well:

TransCanada Corp. believes its Keystone pipeline is likely the source of an oil leak near St. Louis that Missouri officials have estimated at 1,800 gallons (6,814 litres), a spokesman for the company said Friday.

1,800 gallons? But, but, that’s 8 tonnes. Some one fifth of a truck load. That is, this leak is trivia. Of nothing beyond the most local importance whatsoever.

So, back to as we were, the hippies were flatulating about nothing.