It’s Not Sexism Dame Sally, You Are A Nanny


It’s not that Dame Sally Davies is female which enrages it’s that she’s ignorant. Or, if she’s not, that she’s willing to hide behind allegations of sexism when she knows damn well that’s nothing to do with it. For she’s objected to being called “Nanny” when that’s quite obviously what she is. And she’s done so by asking whether a man would be called the same thing. You know, iz we all being sexist, iz it ‘coz I iz female?

The country’s chief medical officer has hit out at “sexist” attacks after being accused of a “nannying” approach. Professor Dame Sally Davies questioned the BBC’s Nick Robinson on whether a male counterpart would have been given the label. She was speaking after the UK’s chief medical officers said families should ban phones at bedtime and keep them away from the dinner table. In an awkward exchange on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, Dame Sally was questioned about the nannying claims by Mr Robinson. He asked her: “You always have this question, so I know you are familiar with it – this balance you have to get between nannying on the one hand, or being accused of it at least, and on the other hand banality, stating things that are obvious.” Dame Sally shot back: “I thought you were going to be sexist.” Robinson asked, “What bit of that is sexist?” and Dame Sally replied: “I wonder whether you would say to a male chief medical officer…” The Today presenter clarified: “I said you are often accused of being a nanny, I didn’t say I accused you of being a nanny.” Dame Sally responded: “Ah, clever.” The CMO has been branded England’s “nanny in chief” by some newspapers.

Sir Liam Donaldson was a predecessor in that post of Chief Medical Officer:

If Britain’s nanny state has a face, it’s Sir Liam Donaldson’s

So, no Dame Sally, it’s not sexism. Which leaves us just with the question of whether you know this or not?

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