So Why Don’t These Feminist Investors Start Their Own VC Firms?


A standard mantra of the modern world – women are just as good as men at everything. Plus, obviously, very much better at other things. That famed empathy and nurturing for example. This entirely missing the point of comparative advantage of course. The only non-trivial and non-obvious result in all of the social sciences.

That one bit of Ricardo being all we need to explain this:

‘Bro culture’ means nearly half of UK’s venture capital firms still have no women in senior roles


Almost half of Britain’s venture capital firms have no women working in senior investment roles, a new report has found. Research released today by Diversity VC found that only 13pc of senior jobs across British venture capital firms were occupied by women. The figure has remained unchanged since the group’s 2017 report. Female investors and entrepreneurs have criticised the prevailing “bro culture” widespread among many technology investment firms which are usually dominated by white men. Until recently, the term had largely been applied to the US technology industry and in Silicon Valley.

One possible explanation is just the misogyny inherent in a capitalist society – no, some people do indeed say that. Another is that the hunting aspects of VC work suit those hunting innates of men rather more than the gathering ones of women – but to believe that you’d have to believe in evolution, something the left only does when it’s convenient. A third would be that there are fewer women here for the same reason there are fewer women at the top of any of our career structures. Because children.

But we can actually put those all aside and consider the instance itself. Let us agree that women are just as good as men at everything. And also that they’re – on average of course, all of this is upon average – better than men at certain things like that empathy.

Women should therefore be doing those empathy things. We’ve already agreed that they’ve an absolute advantage, so obviously they should be. But they’ve also that comparative advantage. Of the varied things that women could be doing they’re even better better at those empathic things. Therefore that’s what they should be doing. For we should all be doing what we’re least bad at and then swapping the resultant production, that’s how we maximise human utility.

OK, there’s not many women VCs. So, come up with a reason as to why there should be more. One not addressed above….

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