To Ask The Guardian – Perhaps The Snowflakes – An Interesting Question – Should Gay Actors Be Banned From Hetero Parts?


One of the more puzzling insistences of recent times is this idea that acting should not be acting. You know, this process of playing dress up in order to tell a story that interests should not really be dress up. Gay parts should only be played by gay actors, trans parts only by trans and so on.

Given that we all do believe in equality, equal treatment, these days we’ve thus an interesting question to ask those doing this insisting:

Playing it straight: should gay roles be reserved for gay actors?
From Freddie Mercury to Queen Anne, awards season is set to be dominated by queer characters played by non-LGBT performers. So is this sexuality’s equivalent of blackface – or is it simply acting?

So, should hetero parts be reserved solely for hetero actors? Cis for cis? If not, why not?

Sure, it will mean that we lose both Rock Hudson’s and James Dean’s output but perhaps that is a price worth paying for equality the way this modern world defines it?