Universal Credit Is The Reason There’s No Sex Slavery In The UK


We’re often enough told that there’s some massive amount of sex slavery in Britain. This would be a bad thing as sex slavery is repeated rape. Despite what we’re so repeatedly told though there’s very little evidence of it actually happening. Operation Pentameter used every police force in the country to go look for it for 6 months. And Assembled Plod found not one single person in the entire country they could prosecute for the crime.

So, empirically, we should be concluding that while the possibility that it exists is there it’s not of any great volume. It’s still repeated rape and should be rooted out, punished viciously if found and so on – but it’s not a commonplace.

We can also look for evidence from elsewhere. Perhaps try to sidle up to the point through other information. At which point we could use the existence of universal Credit as proof that sex slavery doesn’t exist in the UK:

Women are increasingly forced to take up sex work to get money for food and rent after becoming desperate over financial hardship caused by universal credit, an MPs’ committee has heard.

“Taking up sex work” is not sexual slavery. But, OK, so, the dastardliness of UC means more women prostituiting themselves.

The work and pensions committee holds a parliamentary hearing on evidence that welfare reforms are linked to “survival sex”.

Doing so in order to be able to merely survive.

Universal Credit is forcing more women into sex work for just £5 to survive, charities tell MPs

Blimey, that’s cheap:

Women forced into offering ‘survival sex’ for as little as £2,

That’s even cheaper.

Now, if this is happening then there can’t be any sex slavery, can there? We are told that the sex slavery exists because pimps and baddies can get rich off their oppression of women and the expropriation of the sweat of their – well, not hands or brain but – and this is why they do it.

And no one at all is going to get rich off procuring happy endings at £2 a time now, are they? And absolutely no one at all is going to go to the expense of kidnapping some young lassie, guarding her and risking decades in jail for the proceeds of such a low value and low turnover business.

That is, if £2 sex caused by universal credit is a thing beyond fevered fantasies then sex slavery isn’t a thing beyond such fevered fantasies. Simply because the existence of the one makes the other economically impractical and thus non-existent.

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