Owen Jones Invokes Rotherham – Gasp – Over The Media’s Far Right Radicalisation Responsibility


Dear God but the boy manages to get the wrong end of the stick at times. He’s actually using Rotherham – Rotherham would you believe it! – to castigate the British press over their responsibility for far-right radicalisation. Which is to move from student agitprop into blithering idiocy of course. For it was the manner in which the British press ignored Rotherham, has defiantly insisted upon not mentioning at all the grooming gangs, which has driven a goodly portion of that far-right radicalisation.

When it comes to the threat of Islamist terrorism, no one doubts the role of radicalisation. The internet, hate preachers such as Anjem Choudary and Abu Hamza, and the western-armed, extremism-exporting state of Saudi Arabia: all play their part in radicalising the impressionable. When it comes to the far right, however, this consensus is absent. The reason for this is as obvious as it is chilling: the hate preachers, recruiting sergeants and useful idiots of rightwing extremism are located in the heart of the British, European and American establishments. They are members of the political and media elite. Less than two weeks ago, dozens of Muslims were murdered in Christchurch. Before the lethal rampage, the shooter is said to have inscribed “For Rotherham” on one of his gun magazines – in reference to the English town’s grooming scandal.

Owen Jones’ point being that the media shouldn’t be talking about such things as grooming gangs because to do so aids that radicalisation. Which is to get the actual situation entirely arse about tip. The fact that people could see those things going on and yet there was that establishment insistence not only to not do anything but not even allow it to be mentioned is what drove some goodly part of that very far-right radicalisation.

Hell, we actually had Nick Griffin go on Question Time alleging just such grooming and statutory rape and people tried to jail him for saying such things. Sure, the BNP leader is and was more than just a bit of a black footer bag type himself but stopped clocks and all that.

And it’s not just there, is it? Every few weeks we get another list of people convicted in yet another trial. It’s as if every Northern town suffered from it. It only when reading the lists of the convicted that one realises – because the media still doesn’t say it – that the perpetrators near all come from a Pakistani Muslim background. Entirely likely that it’s more to do with the clan nature of the background culture than the religion but still.

It’s the very fact that no one would talk about it, that anyone even raising the issue was shouted down as a racist islamophobe, which has driven much of that very radicalisation being complained about here.

Owen Jones is missing that it’s the silence of the media driving far-right radicalisation and he wants to insist that all remain silent? Which damn side is he working for here?

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