When Will Our Racist Society Produce Make Up For The Melanin Enhanced?


A complaint from The Guardian – when will this racist, no doubt patriarchal and misogynist society we inhabit produce makeup suitable for the melanin enhanced among us? The answer being that we already do and also, that we’ve got the system in place to determine whether we need to do more, less, the same. For we live in a market society, the only efficient way of deciding upon these questions.

Thus this is already answered:

Why is the skincare industry still ignoring people of colour?
The ‘whitewashing of wellness’ and myths about darker tones make beauty shopping harder for people with melanin-rich skin. Niche labels are filling the gaps, though

So, consider the basic problem. Until recently make up for those not a gammonish pink was a distinctly minority interest. This has changed rather as mass immigration has changed the complexion of those inhabiting these isles.

No, leave aside everything else, this is just what has happened. So, given certain physical differences between those with mild genetic variations varied things need to be provided a little differently.

West African genetic backgrounds mean we need the NHS to be more vigilant, informed about, sickle cell anaemia. There’s – from memory – a different SE Asian propensity to diabetes. Hair products – straighteners for Afros perhaps, or products to care for Afros not straightened. And, yes, make up and the like for those with a perhaps darker base skin colour.

OK, great. So, what do we want our decision making system, whatever it is, to achieve? We’re aiming to maximise utility through the use of the resources available to us. That means maximising the value created from those resources.

Current market prices reflect the value created by the current use of those assets and resources. So, to change that allocation we need to see that more value will be added by the change. Which is what profits are. The value created greater than the current use as reflected in the surplus of value over the value in those alternative uses. If you can make a larger profit by using palm oil to create make up for the melanin enhanced rather than not selling it in Iceland’s food then that’s what you should be doing. It adds more value, makes us richer as a society.

What is happening? People are finding that they can make profits by making the make up for the melanin rich. Our system is working. As the population becomes less pink then the desired products for those melanin enhanced are arriving. Our system has noted the problem, considered it, solved it. And all by just leaving people to their lust for gelt and pilf.

Why, it’s almost as if there’s an invisible hand somewhere in the economy. Something those who write for The Guardian don’t seem to know but then if they all did there wouldn’t be a Guardian for them to write in, would there?

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