Boys Will Be Boys – Marine Pilots Draw Sky Penis


This should not come as a surprise to anyone at all. Fighter pilots are drawn from the most aggressive, testosterone, loaded – if short in stature – men out there. Simply because those are the attributes that are required to be able to do that fighter pilot thing. That the testosterone packed then act like teenage boys – you know, that time when soon to be men first meet that testosterone overload – just isn’t all that much of a surprise.

Thus the air penis drawn by Marine pilots:

Two U.S. Marine Corps pilots have been grounded pending an investigation into a digitally-mapped flight path over Southern California skies last month that appeared to be in the shape of male genitalia.

It’s worth noting that they’ve not done what others have, which is to leave a contrail in the shape of a penis. Nope, all these guys did was just fly that path that would, if you mapped it out, look like one:

The correct reaction to this being that everyone put on a very serious, very straight, face and tell them off. Severely. The incident being put upon their records. And then as they walk out everyone shrieks with laughter and they never have to buy a beer ever again. For yes, they’ve just done a dumb thing and a fun one. Which is what they’ve been hired to do, dumb and fun things like fly jet aircraft 50 feet off the floor.

Another way to put this is that they risk their lives for us so we can all damn well shut up about pranks. Just as we all did when the would be Gemini and Apollo astronauts were doing much the same thing, high jinks and flying.

The Marine Corps said Tuesday it has grounded two of its aviators as it continues to investigate a penis-shaped flight pattern drawn over southern California by one of its aircraft last month.

Any disciplinary or administrative action will not be taken until the completion of the probe into the looping phallic flight path by a T-34C Turbomentor that was posted to Twitter in October by a tracking site.

There is always the possibility that under the current societal dispensation this is all being taken much too seriously. An afternoon of being shouted at – for having been caught, nothing else – would suffice, months of investigation not really being necessary. After all, we do hire Marines to go kill people for us, don’t we? Not to be the vanguard of the building of a no dirty joke nor prank society?

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