Another of those delightful examples of the left eating itself. This time it’s the ex-boss of Save the Children resigning from his current job at Unicef over flirting:

The former chief executive of Save the Children resigned after he admitted making “unsuitable and thoughtless” comments to three young female members of staff, it emerged on Tuesday.

Justin Forsyth, who is now deputy executive director at Unicef, “apologised unreservedly” to the women after sending them text messages commenting on how they looked and what they were wearing.

Men commenting upon the looks and dress of women is often thought of as a precursor to the species replicating itself. Something that we all have rather an interest in. We’re also, by definition, all descended from people who did this.

The underlying problem here is social systems. Any successful society – that is, one that recreates itself each generation – has a socially accepted method of asking whether anyone would like to bump uglies and thus, potentially, procreate. Various such have used different methods. One solution was nowt outside marriage for example. Another would be any consenting adult consents as an adult.

The point being that it doesn’t, in the sense we’re interested in, matter what the system is. Only that it is accepted in general across the society. Which is where our problem is.

We did have a system. Many didn’t like it – that’s fine, no worries. So, agitation to change it. That’s OK too. But we’ve not actually changed it entirely.

A man – yes, even a man with workplace power over others – would expect, under the old dispensation, to flirt in order to indicate that bump uglies desire. Or even a desire to marry, or to know better in order to consider for marriage. The modern insistence coming from that left is that this is not to be allowed. Well, maybe that’s a better system, maybe it isn’t, but we’ve obviously not got everyone signed up to it. And it is that all know and agree what the system is which is the important part, not what the system itself is.

Leaving us with the conclusion that it is this interregnum which is the problem, not so much the behaviour itself. Or, of course, we can also say that sending text messages about what someone’s wearing today is a ludicrous reason for someone to lose their job. Your choice on that.

Yet it is still rather fun that it is those of the left being eaten by their own creation. After all, we have it on good authority that the revolution does always eat its own children.

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