Anna Soubry and The TiG’s Number Hypocrisy


Last night Anna Soubry must have been taking maths lessons from Dianne Abbot. Soubry claims that the 2016 referendum result is invalid because 63% of eligible voters DID NOT vote for Leave in the vote.


Of course what Anna is saying isn’t necessarily incorrect:

Voted Remain: 16,141,241
Voted Leave: 17,410,742
Total Electorate: 46,500,001
Didn’t Vote: 

Voted Remain + Didn’t Vote For Leave = 29,068,242 (or 63%)

On that note, lets look at the 2017 Broxtowe Election of Anna Soubry herself:

Voted for Anna Soubry (Consrvative): 25,983
Voted for Greg Marshall (Labour): 25120
Voted for Other (Lib Dem, UKIP etc): 4405
Didnt Vote: 18,385

Voted for Soubry: 25,983
Didnt Vote for Soubry: 47,910 (or 65%) 

So Anna, let’s do the honourable thing and have a respectful, binding ‘Peoples Vote” in Broxtowe considering using your dodgy maths, 65% of your constituency didn’t vote for you?