If Nazi Symbols Are Banned Then Why Not The Hammer And Sickle?


A useful little test of logical consistency here. If it is true that Nazi symbols and memorabilia should be banned then why shouldn’t the Hammer and Sickle also be banned? If it is true that the Nazi stuff should not be legally banned but still should be entirely socially repudiated then why isn’t that true of that other symbol of murderous dictatorship? Or even, why shouldn’t it be true?

The obvious enough answer being that all too many people are still quite happy with the idea of eliminating the bourgeois while the anti-semitism is limited to only that part of the hard left which is in the Labour Party. But that’s not logic, that’s just observation:

Lithuania on Friday urged American retail giant Walmart to stop selling T-shirts and hoodies with Soviet hammer and sickle symbols, insisting the image insults victims of often deadly Soviet-era persecution.

“We sent a letter to Walmart requesting the withdrawal of products with Soviet symbols and we are still waiting for a reaction,” Lithuanian ambassador to the US Rolandas Krisciunas said.

The hammer and sickle symbol is banned in Lithuania, a European Union member of 2.9 million that was the first republic to secede from the Soviet Union as it began to crumble in 1990.

The Baltic state’s foreign minister Linas Linkevicius tweeted: “You wouldn’t buy Nazi-themed clothing, would you?

Of course, there will be all too many who insist that it’s very different indeed. Not exclusively those who have a Che Guevara poster in a manner they simply wouldn’t have a Rudolf Hoss one. Because, you know, reasons.

The thing is though, well, tens of millions killed either way. And why is it morally different to be shot because your father was a bourgeois kulak or gassed because your mother was a Jew? Answers on a postcard to Jezza….

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