Joe Biden’s Bimbo Eruptions – That’s The End Of That Presidential Run


That yet more women are coming out of the woodwork to complain of inappropriate touching from Joe Biden means that’s the end of this particular Presidential run. Well, probably, almost certainly. They’re his own version of Bill Clinton’s bimbo eruptions and in this #metoo era it’s all going to be rather more damaging.

Three MORE women accuse Joe Biden of touching them inappropriately: Number of allegations against the former Vice President rises to SEVEN just hours after he promised to be more mindful of personal space.

Seven eh? Isn’t that more than Bill even?

Joe Biden has pledged to be “more mindful” about physical contact with women, hoping to draw a line under a controversy that has clouded his expected White House bid. The former US vice-president posted a video on Twitter saying he will in future respect personal space. Mr Biden stressed he has only ever intended to build a “human connection”, rather than make anyone uncomfortable.

That’s not going to be enough, not in the slightest, not today. As we’ve said before:

Biden might well say that’s just being friendly. Possibly a tad tactile, but, you know, no harm meant or done. And in an earlier age that might have been that. It’s not going to be that now. Even, Joe might be right, he is just being friendly. Today’s society doesn’t see it that way though. And the thing about politics is that it is all image, all vapourware, and if your’s doesn’t fit the current mores then you’re simply not going to win.

Add in the fact that near no Democratic Party activists want him, let alone like him:

Joe Biden’s running for President this time around – until we’ve heard him deny it three times oh yes he is – and he’s got a significant problem. He’s the three things that the Democratic Party isn’t looking for this time around. He’s white, male and old. Now, it’s possible that someone with one or two of those attributes, someone with a bit of presence and persona, could get away with those problems but all three? And Joe Biden with all three?

The current news is that Joe hasn’t decided whether to run yet or not. Best guess is that he won’t win if he does and thus, dependent upon that ego v. reality stuff, he won’t run.

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