The Monarchy Works Which Is Why British Republicanism Is Dead


Larry Elliott points out – rather sadly – that British Republicanism is pretty dead as a viable idea. There being a rather good reason for this over and above the one he gives:

Persuading Britain to choose a replacement for the Queen from the current crop of politicians, tarnished as they are by economic torpor, the expenses scandal and Brexit, would be a complete non-starter.

Sure, we need to have a head of state. Someone, if you like, to pin the Victoria Cross on the brave lads and lasses. OK.

So, who would we have got as an elected head of state? I can imagine Thatcher having booted Heseltine upstairs. Lord knows who Major would have tried on us and Blair would undoubtedly have tried President John Prescott. Cameron would have invited Ru Paul to come over and do the job.

This being to ask Thomas Sowell’s question again, “Compared to what?”

But there’s another point here.

The constitutional monarchies of North West Europe are among the richest, freest, despite modern whingeing most equal societies, that have ever existed. Why screw with what works?

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