News Of The Weird From Ghana – Just How Convincing Was The Magic Act?


Undoubtedly I’ll be castigated for retailing this story from Ghana – I’m a racist or something, perhaps a culturalist. For obviously I can only be making fun of primitive beliefs, about juju and the like, right? But there is something different here:

Afelete Amewuga, who was a member of Korku, a group believed to have spiritually fortified its members from knife injuries, died after his magical act failed him.

He slashed himself with the sharp knives hoping it would not have any effect on him bu his mysterious act and incantations failed him as his first slash cut deep into his stomach.

Surprised at why his magic failed the first time, Amewuga tried it again with the other knife in his other hand.

This time it was worse as the knife cut deep into his stomach, bringing out his intestines to the surprise of the spectators.

Unperturbed by the development, the spectators just looked on, thinking it was part of the act until Amewuga requested to be taken to the hospital.

For it’s not about juju at all. After all, the Daily Mail is full of things that will cure cancer – hint, they won’t.

There is a certain, well, joy isn’t quite the right word really is it, at the failure of the protection against the first slice leading to the second. And of the audience just thinking that it’s all part of the act. Those are the two parts that make the story….

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