You’re Right, Polly Toynbee Doesn’t Understand….


You can put pretty much anything you like after the dots there but in this case we’re talking about either or both Brexit and the economy. Yes, they do interact, no, we might not like some of the consequences but Polly Toynbee still doesn’t understand:

But a no-deal crash is so dangerous, the great majority of MPs will absolutely reject inflicting an 8% fall in living standards, blocked ports, empty supermarket shelves, medicine supply failures and the pound falling through the floor – it even slumped on news of this postponement.

That’s not a possible collection of outcomes.

If we’ve empty shelves, blocked ports, then we’re not going to have an 8% fall in living standards. The economy doing that well is not consistent with those two. Equally. those two are not consistent with the economy humming along like that.

So, that’s not going to happen then as even Polly Toynbee should be able to grasp.

Oh, yes, one other thing. An 8% fall is still less than Gordon Brown delivered in 2008, isn’t it.

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