The English Have Been Culturally Colonising Wales For A Millennium – Why Should The BBC Stop Now?


An interesting little question for us. Apparently the BBC has been guilty of a little bit of cultural colonisation of Wales. The question being, well, given that this is what the English have been doing for a millennium now – yes, Owen Glendower survived to a bit later but still – why should the BBC, that guardian of British values, stop now?

BBC accused of “cultural colonialism” after drama set in Wales dominated by English characters

Wales has been dominated by English characters since what, 1200 AD? 1250? Thus it’s rather appropriate to show that, isn’t it?

The BBC has been accused of “cultural colonialism” over a new drama which is set in Wales but has an English character at its core. Pitching In stars Larry Lamb as Frank Hardcastle, a widower who runs a caravan park on the North Wales coast. His daughter, played by Caroline Sheen, arrives from England to help out. Both the writers and the director are English, and the supporting cast of Welsh actors are not native to North Wales.


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