As liberty and freedom sweep the world we obviously get an increase in libertine as well as liberty behaviour. And quite right too, all is indeed about that freedom of consenting adults to do as they wish. This applies to consenting economic activity just as much as to consensual ugly bumping. Both sorts of freedom do run into the same problem though, a certain inequality between supply and demand. There are always more consumers than there are producers over on our economic side and we might say, with a little squint at things, the same about the libertines:

It made no mention of where it found such figures but an Ifop poll in 2014 suggested that 11 per cent of French men had frequented a swingers’ club.

Note that it doesn’t say that 11% of French women have so frequented. The usual truth about such things being, always, more men than women. Over the population obviously things even out in terms of average shags etc. But when we drill down (fnarr, fnarr) into the numbers we tend to find some small number of women with vast numbers of sexual contacts making up for the reticence of les soeurs. Means, modes and medians diverge much more for women than for men.

The camp site allows a maximum of 15 per cent single men who receive a “life ban” if they receive any complaints.

Always more men than women.

Still, for only £2 million you can enter this fabled world:

A campsite in rural France dubbed the “world’s first 100 per cent swingers’ camping ground” is up for sale for €2 million with owners insisting it is doing a roaring trade in a country where the practice is said to be booming.

Camping Libertin la Roseraie, or the Rose Garden Swingers’ Campsite, is located just outside the spa town of Vichy, central France, near the village of Brugheas.

The estate agent’s advert reads: “First 100 per cent libertine campsite in the world for sale. Incredible opportunity with over 20 million libertines identified in northern Europe and 6.5 million in France.”

What’s really on offer here is free sex for life to the owner. Go on, think about it, the owner of a swingers’ campsite is indeed going to get laid whenever. Is that worth £2 million of anyones’ money?

The site boasts customers from all over Europe, including Britain, Belgium, Germany, as well as Australians and Americans. But the biggest proportion of guests – around 40 per cent – are Dutch.

Ah, £2 million for sex with the Dutch? Hmmm….

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