Under 1% Of Amazon Employees Ask Company To Adopt Climate Change Plan


We’ve headlines today announcing that 3,500, perhaps even 4,000, Amazon employees have signed a petition asking the company to adopt a comprehensive climate change plan. To which a useful answer is that you can get 1% of the people to sign up to absolutely anything at all. Rather more actually if the output of Simon Cowell is anything to go by.

The point being that Amazon has over 600,000 employees at the moment. 3,500, or even 4,000, is a trivial portion:

Thousands of Amazon employees ask the company to adopt a climate change plan

Or as we could put it, hundreds of thousands of Amazon employees don’t ask the company to adopt a comprehensive climate change plan.

What just happened? Although tech companies Amazon and Google putting more of an emphasis on “going green” and reducing their carbon footprint, their efforts aren’t quite good enough for some employees. Over 4,000 Amazon employees have co-signed an open letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos and the company’s board of directors asking leadership to adopt a company-wide, comprehensive climate plan.

Isn’t that just a lot of people?

More than 4,500 Amazon employees push for aggressive action on climate change

Look, even more! They’re getting close to as much as 1% of the workforce! Or, as we might also put it, 99% of Amazon employees don’t give a damn about climate change.

Oh, and as to the letter itself?

Advocacy for local, federal, and international policies that reduce overall carbon emissions in line with the IPCC report and withholding of support from policy makers who delay action on climate change.

That is fun, isn’t it? For the usual complaint is that large companies like Amazon have too much power in the political process. But here that power must be used. Nothing like having principles, is there?

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